Dear sir/madam,

Your pet wil be expected* soon to get an anesthesia and surgery.


For rabbits and rodents it is very important to keep them eating and drinking, even right before before their surgery. Their digestion system needs to stay active, so it is important that your pet is always given access to food. 


We ask you to transport your rabbit in a transportation box with a paper or a towel. We kindly ask you not to put wood shavings or straw at the bottom of the box. they might stick to the wound after the surgery.


Every anesthesia and surgery have a risk of complications. To minimize the risk, we need you to fill in the questionaire here (LINK). The veterinarian will examine your animal before administering the anesthesia.


We request you to be available for phone calls at the day of surgery so we can call you for consultation if needed. Please ensure there is someone to take care of your animal when you are not around so your animal is not alone after the surgery.  


Our patients and co-workers are followed daily on Facebook, we like to take pictures and place them on Facebook during the day. Often we take pictures of the animals when they wake up from anesthesia. If you don’t want your pet on Facebook, please fill in NO at the questionnaire below. Our Facebook page is:


Male rabbits and rodents can be fertile and get offspring up to 2-3 weeks after castration. If you have multiple pets it is important to keep them separated for at least two weeks time.


If you have any questions or need advice about your pet, please call us or email us.

* If you are unable to come to the appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance at 015-7370135. If the appointment is not cancelled by phone in time, we will charge you for the time that was blocked for you.